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Bill Samples

Bill Samples was an accountant by training and a beekeeper and entrepreneur at heart. Having worked his own bee hives in the heat and humidity of Oklahoma, he was inspired to develop a better bee suit that would be cool, comfortable and sting resistant. Based on ongoing conversations with other beekeepers, he continued to refine the Ultra Breeze® beekeeping suit and jacket in order to develop the best beekeeping protective clothing on the market.

Unfortunately, Bill died unexpectedly in June 2010. The outpouring of support for his family and appreciation for Bill and for the Ultra Breeze® was enormous. Many lamented that they would not be able to purchase another Ultra Breeze®.

As one beekeeper put it:

“Today is a sad day for old fat hobbyists like me who will again have to chance heatstroke when our Ultra Breeze® suits wear out. Hope his family carries on. Thank you, Bill, for a most pleasant experience working with the bees this year!”

In response to this support, his family has committed to continuing to produce the Ultra Breeze® for the benefit of the beekeeping community and in Bill's memory.