My Honey Label

I found an old honey label from a New Orleans packer. Well the company has been out of business for some time and I liked the label so much that I thought I might adopted  it.  

Revised Label

Original Label



From what I can tell Honeymoon brand was not a Langhoff Bros. Co exclusive brand. There was also a Honeymoon brand of coffee and a Honeymoon brand of rice that I have found. All three products were packed by different companies. My guess was that Honeymoon was a name that was licensed. Well since I am from New Orleans I started doing some research on the Langhoff Bros. Co.  and the Honeymoon brand. 

I was also able to find letters and pricing where the Langhoff Bros. announced the brand in 1926. What I don't have are the circulars mentioned in the pricing letter. Notice that the letter was dated May 14th and the letter and sample were received on May 18th. Not bad for 1926.

If you click on the picture, a new window will open with a larger image.




Langhoff Bros. also packaged a cane suyrup called Reel Brand Syrup.


The pictures below are courtesy of Cathy Langhoff.

Current pictures of the canning location at 333 N. Diamond.


Looking down N. Diamond St.


Unfortunately the Celeste and Tchoupitoulas Streets location has not fared as well. This part of New Orleans can be very sad.