The Ultra Breeze Advantage

The Ultra Breeze® Beekeeping Suits let the breeze in and keep the bees out:

  • Designed with three layers of ventilated fabric throughout
  • The depth of the fabric provides outstanding sting protection from bees, yellow jackets and wasps
  • The ventilated fabric keeps you cooler by allowing your body heat to escape
  • Made in the USA from fabrics produced in the USA
  • Roomy suit allows you to work in the bee yard comfortably – no skimping on fabric
  • Easy to get on and off — unlike other suits no need to remove your boots or cap
  • Durable brass zippers go up the entire length of the leg
  • Spacious hood stays in place and keeps the veil away from your face
  • Excellent visibility through the veil
  • All front pockets made of ventilated fabric
  • Durable and convenient hive tool pocket on suits
  • Even when wet, the Ultra Breeze® maintains a protective barrier against bees;
    other suits cling to your skin making stings possible
  • Suits and Jackets are machine washable; the detachable hood is washable by hand